We're launching coffee subscriptions!

Your coffee shipped automatically every month, with customizable plans, and discounts that GROW over time!


Since breaking even, we’ve been the espy biz kitchen cooking up a service we know many of you have asked for (and we’ve been dreaming of putting together for you). Whether you feel the burden or not, logging onto our site to order coffee each time you need more does take a lot of thought and consideration on your part. We are truly honored that yall have jumped through those internet hoops, and many of you have continued to order, which is super cool.


COVID19 has changed many things, but coffee is something many of us still want, and some of us need.. Our goal is to ship you as much coffee as you need in as few orders as possible. We hope to have it easy to customize on your end, yet fully automatic, so you don’t have to spend any energy worrying about getting your favorite coffee.

While we love hitting up all of our friends’ cafes and grabbing lots of sample bags of coffee, we also recognize the economic and environmental impacts of consumption! Which is why our pricing incentivizes you to get bigger bags of coffee! If you haven’t yet seen our website, def check it out. Compared to the 4oz or 8oz bag, the cost per oz is dramatically cheaper in the Kilo and 5lb bag.

So in light of shipping, COVID19, and the crushing reality of consumption… why not buy more, less often?

Here’s a few things we’re thinking about:

  1. Automatic payments and order fulfillment is a win-win for you and us. We can trust the money will be there to pay our bills, and you can trust the coffee is coming in the mail. No need to spend extra mental energy every time you need coffee.

  2. Fewer orders means less packaging waste, larger roasting batches (less natural gas), less shipping waste and carbon emissions.

  3. Also from a market value and business strategy perspective, there is no way to sell super small bags for an affordable rate. We believe in building business plans that can purchase high quality coffees for a progressively sustainable price, while also scaling a business to afford living wages. (we aren’t paying ourselves or anyone else yet, but we’ll get there with your help <3)

    It costs nearly the same in labor time and packaging costs to ship a 4oz bag and a 5lb bag.

  4. FLAT RATE SHIPPING - it is what it is. We’ve talked about this before, but with our shipping setup, bag size has almost no effect on shipping costs. There’s currently no way around this, but in the future there will be more ways to experience espy. :)

  5. Additionally, the coffee aging propaganda we fed customers over the last 15-20 years was a little misguided, and a bit of an over exaggeration. (we’re sorry!). HOW you store the coffee matters, and no coffee ages the same. Our valved bags are the best way to slow down the aging process - just keep em shut and push the oxygen out.

    But in general, coffee that is 5 days off roast is usually the very beginning of its peak taste, and it can extend into and beyond 3-4 weeks. My brother’s coffee company in Berlin doesn’t START brewing until 4 weeks off roast. They are one of the biggest and best roasters in Germany. We believe in “monthly coffee”. Soooooo, without further ado…………………

We’re introducing espy coffee subscriptions!!

(Click the giant orange box above to visit our page)

I won’t repeat all the information you will find on there, but I do wanna highlight a few things.

We wanted to create a system that could improve all of the things we said above, and also give you a discount for committing to supporting our brand. The discount is a steadily growing reward, each month the discount gets bigger!

Every month, you’ll receive an additional 2.28% off. After a year of subscribing, under any plan, you will be permanently locked to a 25% off discount!

Why though? Honestly, we have a lot of strong ideals. We are caught in between raising the floor of what coffee should cost, and trying to provide what it can be without raising the ceiling.

Its a two fold problem we are working to solve.

ALL coffee workers deserve a living wage, and ALL coffee consumers should be drinking GREAT coffee. The only way to accomplish both is by getting everyone on board. If all consumers pay a little more, then coffee can cost a little less.

So if you can support espy for what it currently is, we wanna give you a reward for sticking with us. The more of you that join, and the longer you stay, the closer we can get to accomplishing one of our biggest dreams for our global economy and coffee industry.

We are trying to bridge the gap. We thank you so much for your support, and we hope to keep going forward with you!


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