"essential business" in the COVID era

whats happening now, and looking ahead

hey yall,

as you may have seen on our social media, WE BROKE EVEN last week!

Peter and I took out a AMEX to buy the start up materials for espy and officially paid that credit card off after four months of selling coffee. its a weird time to celebrate, but it is a HUGE relief.

During COVID19 we have shared in the fears of job insecurity, and are super thankful roasting coffee and selling it online is still safe and “essential”. Its keeping us going right now.

we want to be a business that profits FIRST, takes care of our own, before making any sort of statements about “supporting our community”. Our community is SUPPORTING US right now, and we are grateful.

Looking ahead is kinda weird, but we are still working on prioritizing healthy business practices, by using CASH instead of credit. What happens literally next is nothing, we will keep selling coffee to save up money to cover our costs for the Spring and Summer.

A longer term goal is to eventually make a living wage doing this, we are in the process of figuring out what that could look like down the road, and how to get there.

Over the next few weeks, Peter and I will continue to have meetings brainstorming, and planning what do do better, what do next, and how to invest our money back into the future of espy.

a lot of that may include coffee, but longer term we imagine things including way more than just coffee. coffee has been a piece of our relationship, and my main focus for the last few years, but there is a lot of beauty to notice, and we hope to bring that into the espy fold.

we are super grateful for your support so far, and are trying to focus on how to grow in and out of this weird time.